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[About the local shift in Akita .]

Keynote lecture,
[local shift in Nagano Prefecture nisigomasato]
Masaru Yamada Director of local life support center in Nagano prefecture

Professor Suguru Yamada who is the director of the local life support center in Nagano prefecture which has achieved the most in large-scale advance in local shift.(Capacity500, present ,256 number on the register roll)

Akita nursing welfare university nursing welfare faculty Professor Mr Hirosi Shibata

Akita Prefectural governor Sukesiro Terata
ODAMA KAI,Nagasuda no Mori clinic Director, Mr Ryuuji Kodama.
Director of Social welfare juridical person AKITA NIJINOKAI Vocational aid center, NIJINOIE / Intellectual disability society chairman, Mr Seihiro Sakurada
Iwate prefecture Tosihiko Takahasi

Keynote lecture
[About the independence of the handicapped person]
From Iwate prefecture Tosihiko Takahasi

Graduate Handicapped child medical treatment institutiontion
Chairperson of volunteer communicate meeting in Kitakami City.
Counselor in life independence center KITAKAMI.

Professor of Hokkaido medical treatment university nursing welfare faculty Professor Teruo Yanaka

Assistant professor of Akita University education Cultural Affairs Department Mr Jun Utsumi
Representative of Japanese group society organized by impaired person and supporter Mr Shigeki Murotsu.
Representative the operation support network, Mr Hidemasa Sakihama
Chairman of Noshiru City social welfare conference,Ex-director of Mentally deficient person work place Bent Laursen

Chief Director of N.E.Bank-Mikkelsen Commemoration foundation Tadao Tiba
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